Treating Stress

Everyone naturally feels some stress, especially when faced with a challenging situation. However, we are able to manage our way through a stressful time with self-confidence and control. That said, it isn’t as simple for many people who, after a traumatic incident or prolonged stress, can feel an intensification. The reason behind it is more severe psychological and physiological stress symptoms. Common symptoms of stress are the heart racing, or the churning of the stomach or excessive worry, all of which can begin to interfere with a person’s daily life. Fortunately, CBT sessions can help people who are always stressed out to get a new perspective on the situation, and in doing so, they will regain control.

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Website Organisation Description Chartered Institute of Environmental Health The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is a professional, awarding and campaigning body at the forefront of environmental and public health and safety.  Institute of Occupational Safety and Health As the biggest health and safety membership organisation in the world, we're committed to creating a world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable. We're the first European safety body to be awarded NGO status by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register The aim of this register is to help businesses find advice on managing their general health and safety risks. The register is only open to those health and safety consultants who have met certain standards within their professional bodies.