Dealing with anxiety disorders with therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment or therapy for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders. There is a lot of research that suggests that CBT is highly effective at treating phobias, panic disorders, general anxiety, and social anxiety amongst various other forms of anxiety. CBT sessions work to identify all the negative patterns and distortions, in how we are looking at the world as well as ourselves.

Hygiene and Food Safety Consultancy


We offer a range of Food Safety services to support businesses, and work with a wide range of organisations within the food industry including food and ingredient importers, storage warehouses and distribution, manufacturers and caterers.


Our catering customers include all types of caterers from small cafés to independent restaurants, from pub groups to hotels.


Objectives of our Hygiene consultancy service:

  • to reduce the risk of food poisoning
  • to reduce the risk of bacterial, physical and chemical contamination
  • to provide simple, readily achievable standards of food safety
  • to ensure that staff are well trained and able to undertake tasks effectively.


All services provided by EuroHygiene assist your business to establish a "Due Diligence" defence and to maintain best practice.


We can help you to

  • develop a HACCP policy for your business and design all documentation to assist with its effective implementation
  • ensure full and comprehensive implementation of all HACCP procedures within your business
  • have confidence in dealing with any unforeseen incidents and enforcement issues
  • have well trained staff, knowledgeable in food safety and the requirements of HACCP
  • To facilitate the testing of food and water samples.


We offer a comprehensive service with regard to Food Safety:

  • We will carry out Food safety and quality audits, confirming standards achieved
  • We will assist you ensuring you comply with all relevant food safety legislation
  • We will assist you develop HACCP plans, documents and procedures, and help you with monitoring your critical control points
  • We will assist you with any communications with Local Authority enforcement staff
  • We will help you with development of good kitchen design layouts
  • We will assist with allegations of Food Poisoning and can arrange for Bacteriological and Chemical sampling and analysis of foods and ingredients
  • We will carry out audits and checks of your suppliers.


Contact us at or 01909 485520